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5 Things to Consider When Renting a House

By Rentals Albury Central

It is often said that location is everything when selecting a renting property – but that’s just one of the many factors you should consider before deciding on a new rental property. Other factors such as the amenities available in the property, the neighbours, and even the lease terms will influence your stay, making them important matters to factor in when picking your next home.

To help you have a more pleasant experience in choosing a place to call home, below are some tips to remember when scouting for your next rental.

1. Location

As with any property, the location is critical in informing your lifestyle and influencing the time of your commute and access to amenities. When considering location, it is worth asking yourself questions such as – is it in a pleasant neighbourhood? Is it safe? Are the streets well-lit at night? Are supermarkets, hospitals, and lifestyle centres within a reasonable distance? If you’re renting with your children, how far are the schools and parks?

The location of the property can also sometimes dictate the demographics of the neighbourhood that you’ll be living in. Are you looking for a family-friendly neighbourhood? Or maybe one that is surrounded by artists? Would you prefer to be in the city’s heart or by the suburbs for a more laid-back, slow-paced lifestyle?

2. Amenities

Along with the location, the amenities that come with the house will affect its price and your overall experience. How many bedrooms do you need? Is having a pool necessary? Do you need to choose between a lawn or an extra bedroom? Maybe you have always wanted a house with an undercover deck for year-round outdoor entertaining? Is the garden secured and pet-friendly? Take into consideration these amenities and go for what matches your needs, your preferred lifestyle, and your budget.

3. Maintenance

Before signing the rental agreement, inspect the entire property and note any existing damage. Also check all the appliances, switches, outlets, and lighting fixtures. This is to ensure that these are documented and fixed before you officially move in. Regarding the overall maintenance of the property, coordinate with the property owner or agent on who is responsible for the maintenance and repairs in case you need it in the future.

4. Duration

You wouldn’t want to commit more than what you are ready for. Check if there is a minimum lease duration with the property owner or agent—some have a minimum of six months, while others require at least a year. Often, a shorter stay means a higher rate as well. If you will stay for more than a year, ask about securing a fixed term lease rate to avoid rental hikes in the future.

5. Insurance

Most properties are insured by the owner, however it’s still best to confirm this with the property owner. Property insurance, however, is centred on the property itself and not the belongings of the renter. Check with the landlord if they require or recommend a renter’s insurance policy.

These are just some factors to consider when renting a house for the first time. It may seem like an overwhelming experience, but it can also be very exciting. After all, living in a new home can set the scene for a new chapter in one’s life. Once you have decided on your new house, check out these tips when moving to your new home.

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