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Best Places To Retire: Top 8 Retirement-Friendly Places In Australia

By Rentals Albury Central

Due to Australia’s wide open spaces, pollution-free environment, uncongested residential communities, and abundance of natural features and resources, the country offers numerous places where one can retire.

Aside from providing peaceful and serene environments that are ideal for retirees, many of these places also have various features and activities that can make retirement more enjoyable. So, if you’re preparing to enjoy the rest of your life as a retiree, check out these eight wonderful places in Australia that are perfect for a retirement lifestyle.

Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Image source: The Travel Shot

Situated about an hour north of Brisbane, Sunshine Coast is regarded as one of the best retirement places in Queensland due to its favourable year-round weather conditions and abundance of beaches and other leisure spots. It also has various facilities that are designed to make the lives of retirees easier and more enjoyable, such as a university hospital, a light rail, an airport, and a stadium.

Around 27% of this region’s residents are over the age of 60, which indicates that it has a thriving community for senior citizens and retirees. Many of them reside outside of Maroochydore, which is Sunshine Coast’s central city.

Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

Image source: Visit Melbourne

Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula also attracts many retirees due to its quaint coastal villages and the scenic water views it offers along the bayfront. It also promotes a quiet and relaxing lifestyle through its beaches, nature reserves, and wineries. But aside from these, another main advantage of living in Mornington is its proximity to Melbourne.

Through the Peninsula Link Freeway, Mornington Peninsula residents can easily access Melbourne and its central business district. This means that retirees can easily access the offerings of a major urban area while living in a scenic and relaxing place like Mornington Peninsula.

Esperance, Western Australia

Image source: Cruise Mapper

Esperance in Western Australia is a place that’s perfect for those who are truly looking to get away from the bustling environment of a major city. Located about nine hours away from Perth, Esperance is home to stunning white beaches, an unspoiled coastline, and friendly communities.

As a vacation spot, Esperance has attracted a lot of retirees. In fact, about 37% of the region’s population is over 50 years old. It has an established community for retirees that will surely make you feel welcomed.

Albury, New South Wales

Another great place to retire in Australia is Albury in New South Wales. This Evocity is well-known for its thriving local economy. Also, compared to other major areas in the country, Albury has an affordable standard of living, allowing you to make the most out of your retirement funds.

Albury also has its own commercial centre, which means you no longer have to travel great distances to avail of the usual services that you’re used to in a major city. You’ll also be able to enjoy a variety of leisure activities in Albury by visiting its parks, nature trails, and other natural features, such as the Murray River. If you’re looking to settle here, Ray White Albury Central’s real estate experts can help you find the perfect retirement home.

Victor Harbor, South Australia

South Australia is home to one of the largest populations of senior citizens and retirees in Australia. Many of them can be found in Victor Harbor. About 60% of this coastal town’s residents are over the age of 50.

Aside from its beautiful coastal scenery, one of the factors that attract people to retire in Victor Harbor is its mild climate, which can be attributed to the sea breeze that flows through the city during the summer seasons.

St. Helens, Tasmania

Like Victor Harbor, St. Helens in Tasmania also has a large community of retirees. It also offers a more secluded type of living due to its relatively small population and location. Situated at the edge of the Bay of Fires, this area provides easy access to beautiful white-sand beaches.

Although St. Helens is a bit secluded, this doesn’t mean it lacks basic necessities and services. Aside from various tourist destinations, the township of St. Helens is equipped with its own restaurants, supermarkets, bars, and a hospital. Also, the prices of properties in this region are lower than the other areas featured in this list.

Beechworth, Victoria

Image source: Visit Melbourne

Another great place to retire in Victoria is Beechworth. Located about 30 minutes from Albury-Wodonga, this area is a former gold rush town and features a historical prison that once held the supporters of legendary Australian bushranger Ned Kelly. Aside from the prison facility, Beechworth also has a number of historical buildings that are still used today.

Those considering moving to Beechworth can look forward to enjoying country living. They’ll also be treated to various local establishments that can help make their retirement more enjoyable.

Shoalhaven, New South Wales

Image source: Andy Hutchinson

New South Wales’ Shoalhaven is regarded as a retirement-friendly location due to its various features. It offers residents an opportunity to get closer to nature through its national parks. This place also has a number of medical facilities, shopping centres, and golf courses.

Retirees can choose to settle in Shoalhaven’s various towns and cities. Due to its location on the south coast, the various places in this region have idyllic climates that are perfect for retirees.

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